Verify Email Add-on

Harsh Jhunjhunuwala
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Spreadsheets are a great source to store contact data in bulk, but email verification at regular intervals is essential to identify and remove invalid contacts.

Verify email add-on allows to clean, verify and enrich the email list directly inside Google Sheets™.

We developed verify email to save your time in validating your email lists. Add-on works entirely in the Google Sheets™ so that you do not need to switch between multiple apps and reload your data elsewhere.

With this add-on, you can scan bulk contacts in real-time avoiding the hassle of any import/export or upload/download, and avoid spending a fortune on expensive CRMs to maintain the data.

How to use:

Our professional email validation tool works in simple steps:

1. Open the Google Sheets™

2. Click on 'add-ons' in the 'menu-bar'

3. Search for 'verify email'

4. Copy-paste your data into the respective columns

5. Before starting the verification ensure that either you have a header named 'email' or 'email' in a column where your email list is present.

6. Press the start validation button and wait for the results to come up

7. The verification happens in real-time and results get updated instantly verify email address validation tool works entirely in your Google Sheets™ eliminating the need for multiple copy-paste and uploads of your data elsewhere.

Salient features:

1) easy to use. Does not require any special or technical skill.

2) real-time verification which can start based on your requirement.

3) duplicate and empty rows will be removed.

4) ease of use for validation of your mailing lists

5) real-time verification of email address list

6) built with your privacy in mind. We never store on our servers any data you provide or emails we find and to provide you with the output. You can find more details in our privacy policy.

$9 a month

Verify Email Add-on

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